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Fibroblast Plasma Therapy
Is a new skin tightening procedure that delivers tiny arcs of plasma created by an electrical discharge via a “plasma pen” to the skin triggering cells to create fibroblasts which create collagen and elastin to repair wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and remove skin tags or imperfections. Results are INCREDIBLE and last 3+ years. Please allow 5 to 7 days of down time. Procedure can be preformed anywhere on the body.

Frown lines $240
Nasolabial Folds $600
Neck Lift $1200
Mini Face Lift $720
Lower Lip $360
Upper Lip $360
Crows Feet $420
Under Eye Lift $420
Upper Eye Lift $420
Eyebrow Lift $540
Forehead $720
Skin Tag $50

SKIN PEN (Microneedling)

Microneedling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues. Microneedling paired with PRP is our Power Duo. It uses your own bloods platelets pushed back into your skin to initiate localized growth cell response.Recommended treatments are a series of three, one month apart.
Downtime consists of redness for 24- 48 hrs.

Microneedling $350
Microneedling with PRP $650

PRP Hair Restoration
PRP therapy for hair loss is a three- step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp to help regrow lost hair.

PRP Hair Restoration $650

**Hair removal, Pigment removal, Vascular Lesion removal, Acne Clearance, Skin Rejuvenation
FACE Price per ticket
Upper Lip $50
Chin $50
Cheeks $50
Neck (Woman) Man) $75
Lip & Chin $100

Décolleté $250
Areola (nipple area) $75
Shoulders $150
Upper Back $150
Lower Back $150
Full Back $200
Complete Torso $300

Bikini Line Only $95
Entire Bikini $100
Buttocks $100

Axillae (underarms) $95
Upper/Lower Arms $90
Full Arms $100
Hands and Fingers $100
Half Legs $200
Full Legs $275


c700x420Our Body Light lipo machines use lipid peroxidation technology, which uses a 100% LED system to penetrate 10-12 mm into your layer of fat. During this safe, 15-minute treatment, light stimulation opens pores in the fat cells which release their fatty acids into the space between cell membranes. This opening allows the triglycerides to escape, and the fat cells to empty and shrink. These fatty acids are then transported to the circulatory system and metabolized by muscle movement during exercise.

This quick and easy fat loss procedure provides predictable spot reduction with no pain, no weight loss drugs, and no invasive surgery. The Body Light body contouring system is powered at 47 total Watts. Each 5.8 Watt Body Light pad has ten dime-size light emitting diodes, which emit 150 peak lumens each. The 615 nm wavelength of red light is consistently delivered in a non-coherent beam directly to the skin, eliminating energy loss for a maximum effects.

1 Session $275

3 Sessions $825

6 Sessions $1,650

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Dr.Nelson, MD is a Neonatologist and is affiliated with Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center. She is a true artist in Medical Esthetics and has been trained under one of the top injectors in the United States. Specializing in Botox, Fillers and Coolsculpting, Dr. Nelson is well known for her Botox brow lifts and perfectly symmetrical Lip injections.

BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

Cool Sculpting
CoolSculpting uses a procedure known as cryolipolisis. It works by sucking a panel of fat into the applicator and then cooling it to a freezing temperature ( it will not effect the surrounding tissue such as skin). Frozen dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through the liver within several weeks of treatment, revealing full results of fat loss within three months. This treatment is excellent for stubborn bulges of fat and results are permanent. Follow up with our laser lipo if skin tightening is needed treatment. Ask about our package deals!

Single Application $600 and up