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Fibroblast Plasma Therapy
Is a new skin tightening procedure that delivers tiny arcs of plasma created by an electrical discharge via a “plasma pen” to the skin triggering cells to create fibroblasts which create collagen and elastin to repair wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and remove skin tags or imperfections. Results are INCREDIBLE and last 3+ years. Please allow 5 to 7 days of down time. Procedure can be preformed anywhere on the body.

Frown lines $240
Nasolabial Folds $600
Neck Lift $1200
Mini Face Lift $720
Lower Lip $360
Upper Lip $360
Crows Feet $420
Under Eye Lift $420
Upper Eye Lift $420
Eyebrow Lift $540
Forehead $720
Skin Tag $50

SKIN PEN (Microneedling)

Microneedling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues. Microneedling paired with PRP is our Power Duo. It uses your own bloods platelets pushed back into your skin to initiate localized growth cell response.Recommended treatments are a series of three, one month apart.
Downtime consists of redness for 24- 48 hrs.

Microneedling $350
Microneedling with PRP $650

PRP Hair Restoration
PRP therapy for hair loss is a three- step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp to help regrow lost hair.

PRP Hair Restoration $650

**Hair removal, Pigment removal, Vascular Lesion removal, Acne Clearance, Skin Rejuvenation
Full Face $250 Price per ticket
Upper Lip $50
Chin $50
Cheeks $50
Neck (Woman) Man) $75
Lip & Chin $100

Décolleté $250
Areola (nipple area) $75
Shoulders $150
Upper Back $150
Lower Back $150
Full Back $200
Complete Torso $300

Bikini Line Only $95
Entire Bikini $100
Buttocks $100

Axillae (underarms) $95
Upper/Lower Arms $90
Full Arms $100
Hands and Fingers $100
Half Legs $200
Full Legs $275


c700x420Our Body Light lipo machines use lipid peroxidation technology, which uses a 100% LED system to penetrate 10-12 mm into your layer of fat. During this safe, 15-minute treatment, light stimulation opens pores in the fat cells which release their fatty acids into the space between cell membranes. This opening allows the triglycerides to escape, and the fat cells to empty and shrink. These fatty acids are then transported to the circulatory system and metabolized by muscle movement during exercise.

This quick and easy fat loss procedure provides predictable spot reduction with no pain, no weight loss drugs, and no invasive surgery. The Body Light body contouring system is powered at 47 total Watts. Each 5.8 Watt Body Light pad has ten dime-size light emitting diodes, which emit 150 peak lumens each. The 615 nm wavelength of red light is consistently delivered in a non-coherent beam directly to the skin, eliminating energy loss for a maximum effects.

1 Session $275

3 Sessions $825

6 Sessions $1,650

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Dr.Nelson, MD is a Neonatologist and is affiliated with Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center. She is a true artist in Medical Esthetics and has been trained under one of the top injectors in the United States. Specializing in Botox, Fillers and Coolsculpting, Dr. Nelson is well known for her Botox brow lifts and perfectly symmetrical Lip injections.

BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

Cool Sculpting
CoolSculpting uses a procedure known as cryolipolisis. It works by sucking a panel of fat into the applicator and then cooling it to a freezing temperature ( it will not effect the surrounding tissue such as skin). Frozen dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through the liver within several weeks of treatment, revealing full results of fat loss within three months. This treatment is excellent for stubborn bulges of fat and results are permanent. Follow up with our laser lipo if skin tightening is needed treatment. Ask about our package deals!

Single Application $750 and up


    • Fountain of Youth IV : Activate skin, hair and nails. This formula detoxifies the body and promotes noticeably healthier skin, hair and nails because it contains glutathione and vitamin C. $235
    • Natural Defense IV: Attack sickness head on, naturally. If you’re feeling under the weather or are already sick with the common cold or flu, this high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients will boost your immune system. $185
    • Rise and Shine IV: Exhausted from little to no sleep? If you’ve had a long night out, this mix of essential vitamins and minerals replenishes electrolytes, rehydrates the body and boosts your energy levels in just a few minutes. $155
    • The Executive IV: Feel Sharp and Mentally Alert. Fight stress caused by heavy work loads and long business days. This drip also helps you recover from jet lag, while giving you a sense of sharper memory and focus. $145
    • Glutathione IV: Slow down aging with this master antioxidant. Encourage cell revitalization and regeneration, while you detoxify the liver and drastically improve your skin complexion after a series of treatments. $145
    • Vitamin C IV: Vitamin C can reach higher levels in the blood than when taken by mouth . It helps protect your cells against the effects of free radicals ( unstable molecules that can damage cells in your body causing illness and aging). Studies show IV vitamin C use in people with cancer improved quality of life and reduced cancer related side effects. $135

    • Vitamin B12 + MIC (Methionine, Inositol and Choline) Weight Loss Shots: Once a week $30 a shot
    • VITAMIN B12
    • This is an important water soluble vitamin with a long list of benefits. Our bodies do not produce vitamin B12 so we rely on getting it in our food. Meat, milk and eggs are a primary source of vitamin B12. While vitamin B12 is found naturally in a healthy diet, factors like stress and poor eating habits can lead to a deficiency. It has a key role in the normal functioning of our neurological system and helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells. Vitamin B12 provides a boost of energy and plays a key role in digestion and metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It has been shown to decrease homocysteine levels which reduces our risk of developing heart attacks, strokes or dementia. The B12 we use in the office is Methylcobalamin which is a highly absorbable form of Vitamin B12. It is felt that this form of B12 is better absorbed and retained within the body than cyanocobalamin which is another type of B12 injection.
    • It is an essential amino acid which means it cannot be synthesized in our body so we must get it from other sources. It is found in meat, fish and dairy products and has an important role in many cell functions. It helps the liver process fats reducing fat build up in the liver which helps to ensure proper functioning of the liver. It is required for Glutathione synthesis. Glutathione is the body’s most abundant, natural anti-oxidant which is produced in the liver to help us rid our body of toxins. It has a role in creatine synthesis which is a nutrient found primarily in muscle tissue. It is necessary for all muscular function. Methionine also reduces the level of histamine in the body which may be beneficial for anyone with chronic allergies or inflammatory conditions. It is also essential for the formation of healthy collagen used to form and maintain skin, hair, nails, connective tissue and cartilage. Methionine also functions to protect our neurological system.
    • is a nutrient belonging to the B vitamin complex. It is closely associated with choline. It functions to aid in the metabolism of fat, reduces cholesterol levels within the blood and helps to convert food into energy. Inositol helps neurons communicate better with the body’s nervous system and participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to control mood and appetite. Has been shown to help treat patients with depression, anxiety and OCD. It is now established as a significant mediator of calcium mobilization in the endoplasmic reticulum, the power house of our cells.
    • is similar to the B vitamins. It is a nutrient that is water soluble. Choline can be made in the liver. It is also found in foods such as meats, fish, nuts, beans, spinach and eggs. Choline is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body. It helps to prevent accumulation of fat in the liver. Choline serves as a precursor molecule for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and has been linked to a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It has been used to treat neurological diseases such as Huntington’s chorea, Tourette’s disease, cerebellar ataxia and certain types of seizures.
    • This injection can help facilitate weight loss and boost energy. It aids in the breakdown of fat and in the use of food for energy. Your liver is the key organ in control of your body fat. The combination of these medications helps your liver process fats efficiently making weight loss easier.
    • The different ingredients in this mixture are known to help:
    • Aid in proper metabolism of fats and removal of fat from the liver reducing fatty liver disease
    • Boost your metabolism by playing a key role in digestion and metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
    • Provide an energy boost
    • Improve mood, thought processes and memory
    • Provides essential components for normal cell and brain function
    • Lowers cholesterol levels
    • Reduces homocysteine levels. Elevated homocysteine levels are associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke or dementia
    • Helps keep skin tone healthy and nails strong
    • Promotes healthy hair growth

EMZERO: Neo Body Contouring Machine | High Intensity Muscle Building Fat Burning Body Sculpture. FDA-approved device that uses a nonsurgical approach to build muscle while burning fat. It works by emitting electromagnetic energy that makes muscles contract up to 20,000 times in each 30 minute session. It’s often used on the arms, abs, butt or thighs.

The standard recommended treatment is two to three sessions of 30 minutes each over a period of two to four weeks (4-12 treatments). They say that you can typically expect to see results from after about three months of treatment. Those improvements will then progressively improve for up to six months following treatment. $600/ session

Permanent Make Up: Freckles/ Beauty Marks $150 Under Eye Concealer $650 Microblading $500 Microshading $675 Ombre’ $700 Lip Blushing $600
Sugar Threading $450 per area Whether you first saw it on tick toc or saw it on Instagram, you probably already know that sugar threading is being called “the future of facelifts.” And it’s true! Sugar threads are a revolutionary, new facelift that gives you instant results with no surgery and no downtime. Celebs and other A-listers are flying all the way to Paris for this treatment, but now you can get it right here at Greater than Sparrows Salon and Medspa. What is a Facelift With Sugar Threads? Also called a PDO Thread Lift, a facelift with sugar threads is a non-invasive anti-aging technique that uses barbed polydioxanone threads to lift and tighten your skin instantly. Because the threads are made of sugars, your body will naturally absorb them over time. This means that a thread lift is one of the most natural and effective alternatives to a surgical facelift on the market. Thread lifts are best for treating: Droopy jowls Smile lines Forehead wrinkles Crepey skin on the face Lack of contour Loose skin on the face